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Because of the versatility and precision inherent in Burkhardt-Löffler machines, they are also suitable for use in the working of glass. Following are examples of machines presented for this branch of manufacture. We gladly provide individual consultation and develop, together with you, new machine concepts for this application.

FSA 561 GL – Slab Polisher

From matte finish to polished

The FSA 561 GL with automatic head-changer is a truly multi-purpose unit for calibrating, polishing and brushing of glass. Already a proven favorite for decades, this machine stands for perfect results and reliability.

Grinding thickness (mm)
Main motor (kW)
Grinding width (mm)

Technical data

Grinding thickness:
10–250 mm
Grinding width:
2000–5500 mm
Grinding length:
Main motor:
15–22 kW

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