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Our machinery.

Because of the versatility and precision inherent in Burkhardt-Löffler machines, they are also suitable for use in the working of glass. Following are examples of machines presented for this branch of manufacture. We gladly provide individual consultation and develop, together with you, new machine concepts for this application.

BSS 600 GL – Diamond Wire Saw

Powerful tool

Our wire saws enable the fully automatic sawing of glass blocks. Per customer request, our wire saws in versions for horizontal or for vertical sawing are available. As for the contour wire saw version, both vertical and horizontal sawing is possible. An automatic device puts wedges between the slabs permitting unattended operation over 24 hours.

Block width (mm)
Block height (mm)

Technical data

Block width:
max. 2.5 - 4.0 m
Block lenght:
Block height:
max. 2 m
Wedge magazines:
2 with 150 wedges each

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