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Because of the versatility and precision inherent in Burkhardt-Löffler machines, they are also suitable for use in building and construction. Following are examples of machines presented for this branch of manufacture. We gladly provide individual consultation and develop, together with you, new machine concepts for this application.

CSA 567/569 FF – Rotating Head Saw for up to 1600 mm Blade Diameter

Proven technology

The modern 5-axes rotating-head saw CSA 567/569, for blade sizes up to 1600 mm, is ideally suited for massive work. Saw motor rpm is reduced by a gearbox, so that even at low rpm, the full power of the motor is available. With the addition of a vacuum pod group for lifting up to 1500 kg, the manipulation of the finished workpieces can be automated.

Saw blade diameter (mm)
Saw motor (kW)
Feed rate (m/min)

Technical data

Cutting depth:
640 mm
Saw blade diameter:
max. 1600 mm
Saw motor:
30–55 kW
Blade carriage travel:
max. 4.800 mm
Vertical travel:
max. 1.200 mm
Feed rate:
X, Y 20 m/min, Z 6 m/min

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