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Because of the versatility and precision inherent in Burkhardt-Löffler machines, they are also suitable for use in building and construction. Following are examples of machines presented for this branch of manufacture. We gladly provide individual consultation and develop, together with you, new machine concepts for this application.

WSM 547 FF – Drum Roller Grinding/Calibrating Machine

Grind & Calibrate with Precision

With the WSM 547, we offer a large-scale machine for the grinding and calibration of refractory materials with two diamond tool fitted roller drums. The machine is composed of 4 cast-iron supports, on which the roller drums are adjusted in the Z-axis via large-dimensioned ball screws.  Both work tables are driven through the diamond roller drums via linear guides atop the cast-iron structure. The massive construction of the machine thereby enables the highest precision and parallelism.

Grinding pessure (kN)
< 0.1
Angle accuracy (Degree)
< 0,05
Parallelism (mm)

Technical data

Grinding pessure:
max. 100kN per tool
< = ± 0,05 mm over 2,000 mm workpiece length
Angle accuracy:
< 0,1°
Work tables:
max. 2
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