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Automatic Drum Turner

Fully Automated Turning

Our drum turner was developed for the precise and gentle turning of workpieces and slabs in throughfeed. The turning process is completely automated and unmanned.

Roller conveyors are integrated into the turner for the feeding and discharging of workpieces. These are pneumatically height-adjustable to adapt to the working height of the rest of the conveyor system.

To prevent the workpieces from slipping or being scratched during turning, pneumatic clamping devices are built into the roller conveyors. This also ensures safe turning of kitchen tops with cutouts.

Through-feed is possible from both sides. It can either be turned or fed through. The drum turner can thus be flexibly integrated even into complicated conveyor technology sequences.


  • Interface for Production and Materials Management
  • Integration of an Existing Handling Technology
3,700 x 1,600
Workpiece size (mm)
Workpiece weight (kg)

Technical data

Workpiece size (mm)
3,700 x 1,600 mm
Workpiece size (min)
600 x 150 mm
Workpiece thickness
5 - 80 mm
Workpiece weight (kg)
800 kg
Outer dimensions (L x W x H)
4,000 x 2,600 x 2,400 mm
Turning range
0 – 180°
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