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Fork Type Flipper

Hazard-free handling of workpieces

Our fork type flipper is developed for automatic flipping of cut-to-size workpieces or slaps. Time loss from manual handling is hence decreased, while production efficiencies are increased. In addition, the risk of accidents when flipping the workpiece is eliminated. The flipper is typically combined with manual or automatic conveyor rollers for infeed and outfeed.

The flipper features 8 forks, which are welded onto a solid steel tube. Each fork is equipped with 3 pneumatic pistons for the secure clamping of the work pieces for the flipping. The flipper is driven by means of a frequency controlled gear motor.


  • Interface for Production and Materials Management
  • Integration of an Existing Handling Technology
3,300 x 1,800
Slab size (mm)
Slab weight (kg)

Technical data

Slab size (max.)
3300 x 1800 mm
Slab size (min.)
600 x 300 mm
10 - 30 毫米
Workpiece weight (max.)
600 kg
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