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WSR 9000 – Fully Automatic Workpiece Buffering and Stacking System

The next step towards uninterrupted and streamlined production

Our fully-automatic Workpiece Buffering and Stacking System sets a standard for the storing and sorting of in-process and/or finished workpieces. The innovative construction with two linear guideways and chain drive, for the first time, provides greater economy by buffering workpieces within the continuous processing line itself. Differing cycle times for a workpiece before and after a machine process can be brought into balance. In short, machine production for the entire line is increased with a more flexible workpiece flow.


  • Lagersoftware
  • Interface for Production and Materials Management
  • Integration of an Existing Handling Technology
Workpiece capacity (pieces)
3.600 x 1.500
Workpiece size max. (mm)
Cycle time per workpiece max. (sec.)

Technical data

Workpiece capacity:
100 pieces
Workpiece size max.:
3.600 mm x 1.500 mm
Workpiece size min.:
540 mm x 40 mm
Cycle time per workpiece max.:
60 sec.
Total load carrying capacity:
16,000 kg
Load carrying capacity per shelf:
400 kg
Total height approx.:
9,000 mm
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