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Power Jet 2D/3D – Waterjet Cutting Machine

High-pressure cutting

Waterjet cutting is the perfect solution for complex cuts in ceramic, marble, granite, glass, plastics and engineered stone. The rotating and swivelling head enables precise mitre cutting and the fully-automatic sensors compensate for differences in material thickness.

To achieve higher accuracies in the waterjet process, we have developed a system for electronic measurement and calibration of the waterjet head. The calibration device provides measuring accuracies of 0.05mm at each machine level. Deviations can be measured both mechanically and by a sophisticated technical compensation in the software. The measurement is carried out with every new commissioning of our water jet machines and as part of regular maintenance. For high-precision mitre cuts in particular, the measurement will ensure that a consistently high level of quality is achieved.

High-pressured pump (kW)
Feed rate (m/min)
Working pressure (bar)

Technical data

Work area:
4000 x 2200 mm
High-pressured pump:
30–100 kW
Working pressure:
4100 bar
Feed rate:
X, Y 50 m/min

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