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FS 650/2200 – Polishing Line for Slabs and Strips

Continuous belt polishing

With our FS Series, we offer high-end machines for calibrating, grinding and polishing of strips and tiles in superior quality. The machine is suitable for various materials, ranging from limestone to marble. The modular machine concept allows for a flexible processing width between 650 and 2200 mm. The number of calibrating and polishing heads can be adjusted to customer demands to ensure a tailor-made solution.

Calibrating head (kW)
Polishing head (kW)
Working width (mm)

Technical data

Calibrating head:
à 22 kW
Polishing head:
à 7.5–18.5 kW
Working width:
250–2200 mm
Grinding thickness:
15–120 mm
Individual pressure/counter-pressure control
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