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KSL 80/100 – Edge Polisher with Table Design

Proven and established

50 years of experience combined with continuing technical developments for our KSL Series is a guarantee of perfect edge processing. We make possible an individualized, optimal edge machine using a modular concept and design, together with a range of options and additions. Thanks to our newly developed pencil aggregates, rounded chamfers can also be produced with the machine (optional). 

Workpiece thickness (mm)
Grinding heads (max.)
Chamfering heads (max.)

Technical data

Workpiece thickness:
10–200 mm
Number of grinding heads (max.):
10 units
Power of grinding heads:
4 kW
Number of chamfering heads top (max.):
4 units
Number of chamfering heads bottom (max.):
4 units
Power of chamfering heads:
2 kW
Power of calibrating head:
5–10 kW
Power of drip channel head:
3–5 kW

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