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KSL Pencil - Edge Polisher for Eased Edges

The perfect pencil edge

For many decades, we have secured our position as the market leader in the field of table-based edge polishing machines (KSL series). Indeed, the machine concept has proven to be extremely efficient over the years, especially in terms of quality and process reliability. We are one of the first manufacturers to offer the table-based machine of the future with swiveling bevel grinding supports for the manufacturing of rounded edges with small radii (also known as pencil edges or soft edges). Depending on the material, the feed speeds of processing soft edges can even go up to 2 meters per minute.

In the standard version, the machine is equipped with eight grinding heads as well as one programmable head each for the pre-milling of top and bottom chamfers and four supports each for the swiveling top and bottom chamfering units. Depending on the size of the pre-milled chamfer, the radius of the pencil rounding can be adjusted by electronically controlling the grinding pressure regulator. The upper bevel supports are also height-adjustable so that material thicknesses of 12 mm to 80 mm can be processed. In addition, the bevel supports can also be fixed at a 45° angle to produce workpieces with precise standard chamfers.

All of the above features result in a versatile machine that more than meets the requirements of the current market and it is especially useful for customers which want to process different materials and workpiece thicknesses in a flexible manner. The machine also has a modular design that adapts the number of grinding supports according to the customer’s requirements. In addition, special components for calibration, bevel cutting and groove sawing are also available for further customization. As an alternative to the standard grinding supports, the machine can also be equipped with planetary grinding heads.

Grinding heads (max.)
Chamfering heads (max.)
Workpiece thickness (mm)

Technical data

Number of grinding heads (max.):
10 units
Power of grinding heads:
4 kW
Number of chamfering heads top (max.):
4 units
Number of chamfering heads bottom (max.):
4 units
Power of chamfering heads:
2 kW
Power of calibrating head:
5–10 kW
Power of drip channel head:
3–5 kW
Workpiece thickness:
12–80 mm

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