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BAZ 595 D – CNC Work Center with Automatic Rotating Table

According to rotation principle

The BAZ 595 D makes possible a trouble-free and economical production of kitchen tops, shower pans and other massive works. The automatic turntable enables the simultaneous working and loading of the machine, whereby machine utilization can be increased up to 80 percent. An optional swivel-axis (+/- 3°) enables production of sloped drainboards. The machine can be equipped with a system for fully automatic vacuum pod positioning.


  • Electronic contact pressure control for X-, Y- and Z-axes for grinding and polishing
Electro spindle (kW)
Feed rate (m/min)
Tool positions

Technical data

Tool positions:
60 / 120
Workpiece size:
3600 x 1400 mm
Vertical travel:
450 mm
Feed rate:
X, Y 65 m/min, Z 25 m/min
Electro spindle:
15 kW
Speed range:
0 - 10.000 U/min

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