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BAZ 3000 – CNC Work Center with 3 to 6 Axes

Creativity in 3 D

The CNC work center with 3 to 6 interpolated axes guarantees a maximum of precision and flexibility. A newly-developed electronic and pneumatic pressure regulation makes perfect surfacing and polishing possible. Easy handling and well-developed software ensures trouble-free and economical operation.

Electro spindle (kW)
Speed range (U/min)
Vertical travel (mm)

Technical data

Saw blade diameter:
400–1000 mm
Cutting depth:
max. 350 mm
Electro spindle:
25–37 kW
Speed range:
500–8000 U/min
Spindle carriage travel:
3900 mm
Bridge travel:
3000–10.000 mm
Vertical travel:
1200–1500 mm
Electronic grinding pressure control

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