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TB 1600 – Circular Blocksaw for Blades up to 2200 mm

For endurance

The heavy bridge saw belonging to the TB 1600 range, with blades up to 2200 mm diameter, is the optimal machine for sawing medium-sized blocks and billets. These units are made from a perfected and proven construction with intelligent controls. These high-performance saws are notable for reliability, paired with low tooling costs and is, above all, a first-choice for soft stones (limestone, sandstone etc.). The optional swivel head enables precise mitre cuts to be made on thick, large workpieces and it also allows profile cuts with a horizontal saw blade.

Automation is also becoming increasingly important for large saws. By using several work areas or a pallet system for automatic infeed and outfeed, the machines can be employed for multi-shift operations without interruptions.


  • Variable speed
Saw blade diameter (mm)
Saw motor (kW)
Block length (mm)

Technical data

Saw blade diameter:
1200-2200 mm
Cutting depth:
930 mm
Block length:
4000 mm
Saw motor:
max. 75 KW
Amp following
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