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LDZ 2000 – 5-Axes Bridge Saw and CNC Work Center

The all-rounder

The LDZ 2000 Series represents the latest in top technology 5-axes bridge saws and is fitted with an automatic tool changer. This places at your disposal the optimal machine for mastering the most demanding requirements found in the daily competitive environment. Made especially for the forward-thinking small- and medium-sized company, the LDZ 2000 WZW is the perfect combination of a high-precision bridge saw and a complete CNC work center. The machine provides a broad range of applications, from individual kitchen countertops and vanities to shower pans and massive wash basins. In short, its flexibility, design and construction offer countless possibilities to meet your different needs.

Saw blade diameter (mm)
Saw motor (kW)
Feed rate (m/min)

Technical data

Cutting depth:
350 mm
Saw blade diameter:
400–1000 mm
Saw motor:
15–24 kW
Speed range:
500–10.000 U/min
Blade carriage travel:
3900 mm
Bridge travel:
3.000–10.000 mm
Vertical travel:
400–800 mm
Feed rate:
X, Y 50 m/min, Z 8 m/min

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