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LDZ 2000 K – Compact Bridge Saw in Monoblock Design

The perfect introduction to CNC technology

With the LDZ 2000 K series, we offer a state-of-the-art monoblock compact saw with 5 axes, which is the perfect introduction to rotating head technology. Due to the compact design, the machine can be integrated into the production process even where space is limited. The CNC machine functions on full automation and can be optionally equipped with vacuum suction plates for the manipulation of workpieces. Milling work is also possible in connection with the SK-40 taper mount.

Due to the simple program creation via the intuitive machine control, the LDZ 2000 K can be used by both beginners and experienced CNC machine operators. The import of externally generated saw control programs is also possible.

Saw blade ø (mm)
Saw motor (kW)
Feed rate (m/min)

Technical data

Max cutting depth:
200 mm
Saw blade ø:
400–730 mm
Saw motor:
15 kW
Speed range:
1000-6000 rpm
Horizontal saw travel:
3500/3900 mm
Bridge travel:
1900/2400 mm
Saw height adjustment:
400 mm
Feed rate:
X, Y 40 m/min, Z 6 m/min
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