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Weha and Burkhardt-Löffler enter into partnership

Weha and Burkhardt-Löffler enter into partnership

From April 2020, Burkhardt-Löffler will start a collaboration with Weha in Germany and its neighbouring countries (Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Weha is one of the largest dealers in the stone processing sector in Germany. As a fully equipped distributor with 21,000 available articles, Weha maintains a strong market position in the industry and its customers will stand to benefit from this partnership through the decades of experience of Burkhardt-Löffler's designers and technicians.

Surveys of Weha customers have shown that in addition to the desire for efficient and durable top technology, the accessibility to reliable technicians also plays a significant role. Given the increasingly shorter delivery times, the prompt rectification of faults is therefore crucial for the business success of stonemasons and industrial stone processing companies. This plays to the strength of Burkhardt-Löffler, whose employees are very familiar with customers’ requirements for production quality and precision, particularly in the German-speaking markets. This bodes well for the partnership as Weha and Burkhardt-Löffler not only speak the same language, but they also share the same mentality.

This focus on customers also applies geographically. Users can benefit from the closer proximities to technicians at the Bayreuth and Langenaltheim locations through Burkhardt-Löffler’s operational model which ensures that whoever builds the machine also assembles it on site. Through this partnership, Weha customers now enjoy unprecedented direct access to globally tested and proven cutting-edge technology, which additionally allows for a wide range of adaptations to individual customer requirements and material properties.

The processes within the new partnership are also clearly instituted. In order to provide individual customer-centric support for the thousands of stonemasons and stone processors, Weha customer advisors will be regularly on site at the companies to keep them up-to-date on the latest information and trends. In the case of purchasing a machine, the advisors will establish contact with the partners at Burkhardt-Löffler, who will then oversee the follow-up from installation to service.

For existing Burkhardt-Löffler customers, the direct contact person for new machines and service orders at Burkhardt-Löffler will remain the same and nothing changes. Likewise, potential new customers will also benefit from the direct access to Burkhardt-Löffler sales and service engineers.

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