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Consulting and Service

Our relationship with our customers is that of a partnership. For us, this includes the joint creation, design and construction of the entire production layouts ("customizing"). We accompany our customers throughout the entire project, from planning to commissioning.

Individualized Consulting and Layout Design

It is critical in the line of consulting to find an optimal solution for our customers. The existing machine program of customers plays an equally important role as the desired product program and the required production capacity. It is therefore crucial for us to embark on a step-by-step process with the customer by taking into account future requirements now. We achieve this through our modular machine concept, which enables future expansions and further automation. We consciously see ourselves as a bespoke machine manufacturer who offers the possibility of catering to our customers' requirements to give our customers a competitive advantage.

Continuous Support

Our products aim for maximum machine availability and enable extremely efficient work processes. In order to ensure the long-term and durable use of our machines, we are always available to support our customers quickly and reliably in the service, maintenance and any necessary repair of the machines. Not only will our customers benefit from our high service standards and extensive technical know-how, our highly qualified employees also have strong technical expertise and deep knowledge of industry-specific procedures and manufacturing processes. We are always at our customers' disposal at any time, be it over the phone, via remote maintenance or on site for immediate problem solving and optimization of production facilities.

Your Contact Person

Customer Service Bayreuth

Mr Markus Dill


Electrical / Control Technology
Mr Lothar Braun

Customer Service Langenaltheim

Mr Jürgen Opitsch


Electrical / Control Technology
Mr Michael Bethke

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